Progressive Spirituality

Progressive Spirituality is on the rise in the church and other paths of faith. In progressive spirituality the understanding is living in pratical mind frames and living a fulness of life. The view point of a traditionalist mind frame is black and white, which misses the grey area of situational ethics in different cases. Traditionalist frames and ideologies on spirituality actually are blessings to have balance the progressive spiritual ideologies.

When the progressive acts, its in action then the words come out to speak. True spirituality does not use words, the production is in the action of the belief system to the progressive. Openmindness is the key to love in the progressive spiritual movement, it shows the tolerance of people but without  condoning evil acts on society. Community based solutions were and still are  progressive movement ideas to city and rural problems of america.

 In conclusion, of this small article the progressive spiritual movement is a social action to community problems in all realms of life.Second, progressive spirituals think words are cheap and actions are priceless. Third a progressive spirituals are not the destructive belief system of the world community but the answer to it.


About spiritualprogressive28

I am a person who loves the life of being spiritual and living pratical for the purpose of loving and changing mankind for the better.
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